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  • Our ‘Quackers’ Family

    A couple of weeks ago, a day old wild duckling was wandering around our Farm yard looking totally lost and bewildered…..he had been abandoned by his Mum 😭 so Farmer Roy scooped him up, tucked him in his jacket and brought him home. He was given his own box with straw, food and water, a heat lamp so he would stay nice and warm and a cuddly toy so he wouldn’t be lonely.

    This was fine for around 7 days but then we noticed that the cuddly toy just wasn’t doing it for him so we bought an Aylesbury duckling for company. Things were perfect and life was good.

    About 10 days later, our digger driver was working very hard and unfortunately disturbed a ducks nest. Farmer Roy knew he had to give the unhatched eggs a chance because once a nest is disturbed Mum won’t return. Even though the eggs were cold, he carefully picked them up, wrapped them in a blanket and dashed home. They were put in an incubator and were all hatched!

    So our first little duckling, who had been abandoned, now has a new family 🦆

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