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  • What Happens When You Rent an Office at Blisworth Hill Farm Business Park?

    Blisworth Hill farm Business Park has been run by Roy Taylor since 1992 who likes to enjoy a good relationship with the tenants. The Business Park is handy for businesses serving Northampton, Towcester, and Milton Keynes and has many long-term and happy tenants.

    Many companies have started at Blisworth Hill Farm Business Park and have grown on the site moving from small to medium and larger sized offices and we are always keen to accommodate existing tenants with a move, allowing leases to be exited early, allowing an easy transition. 

    The journey of moving to an office on the business park will start with viewings of potential suitable offices.

    You will be shown around the Business Park where you will be shown your parking arrangements, the café, gym and car charging points.  Other things such as the lakeside walk will be highlighted to you. 

    Once you have found an office that suits your requirements, we can discuss any partitioning (this is something that can be done in house or you can use your own contractors). 

    Once a deal is agreed, we will send you Heads of Terms.

    You will then be sent a Lease which will be written up with the agreed deal.  The Lease is an Internal repairing and insuring type.  This means that the Landlord is responsible for the fabric of the building i.e. the roof, walls, external windows, gutters, drains, common parts etc and the tenant is responsible for maintaining their own premises. 

    You will also be sent a contract for the supply of fibre optic internet with links to support.  We are lucky enough to have an IT company on site who manage and maintain many of our existing tenants’ internet and software needs.  They can also supply VOIP phone systems and office IT equipment.

    Prior to you moving into your new office, it will be fully redecorated, any equipment serviced and the floor coverings either replaced or professionally cleaned.

    When you move into the new office, you will be given your keys and also a welcome pack which will explain the working of the Business Park.  You will then be able to arrange for any staff to be inducted into the on-site gym whereupon you will be issued with access fobs.  We will also give you details of support staff for Blisworth Hill Properties and get the relevant contact details of your team.

    We look forward to showing you around our beautiful countryside business park. You and your visitors will fall in love with the beautiful setting. Take a look at our offices and come and join us at the Blisworth Hill Business Park.