BHP Office Rentals with Lake and Countryside Walks
  • BHP Office Rentals with Lake and Countryside Walks

    Enjoy the Outside at Blisworth Hill Business Park, Towcester

    Lakeside and Field Walks

    Many studies have shown that taking a lunchtime walk not only boosts productivity during those otherwise sleepy afternoons but can also improve your mood and, when done with colleagues, provides opportunities to discuss the rest of life more freely. It is well known that conversation flows much easier whilst walking. Talking about work is fine too, of course, a little.

    At the Blisworth Hill Business Park, near Towcester, we are blessed with having a small lake on-site, complete with a few aquatic residents and waterfowl, and beautiful countryside on our doorstep. Both offer the chance to get outside in the nice weather, stretch your legs, give your back a break from the desk chair, and tear your eyes away from glowing screens.

    Of course, as the Spring turns into Summer, and the weather gets hotter please take care in the heat. Stepping outside into a blazing summer’s day from a cool office might make you feel a little dizzy and actually less productive if you don’t drink sufficient water and wear a suitable hat. Reports from Japan suggest this is more likely with men who don’t get enough sleep. Please enjoy the walks, and enjoy a cool drink, perhaps from the on-site Briary Barn Cafe. Taking a daily walk should help you sleep better too.

    Flower boxes blooming at the Blisworth Hill Business Park
    Our flower boxes are starting to bloom around the Blisworth Hill offices and car park

    New Outside Furniture

    To enhance our walks and outside space, for Spring and Summer 2022 we have added a selection of recycled furniture from NBB Recycled Furniture. In celebration of being able to socialise freely, a selection of 2-bench and 4-bench tables will be scattered around the Lakeside walk and business park. Ideal for some quiet contemplation, chatting over lunch or having a meeting outside, we hope the new furniture will be well used and loved. We are pleased to be able to continue our green approach and use furniture made entirely from recycled material – putting plastic waste to good use.

    Here are some photos of some of our new furniture, sitting quietly whilst awaiting the selection of their new positions in the park.

    Recycled material furniture for the business park
    Quad-bench seating and tables made from recycled plastic
    Table and benches made from recycled plastic
    New rectangular table and benches from NBB Recycled Furniture

    If you are looking to rent an office near Towcester, which is also really handy for Northampton and MK, then why not take the time to come and look around. We have a number of different sized offices all set in a beautiful location, with plenty of parking, green energy, electrical car charging points and, as we say above, lovely spaces for you to get outside in when not eating at our cafe or using the on-site gym.

    Contact us today to book an appointment.